Velvet Mink Lash Trays
Extremely light and luxurious, these Volume lashes are SUPER easy to fan out giving your clients the fluffy and dark look they desire. Natural Matte Black Luster and Finish Luxurious Soft and Lightweight 16 lines Extremely Easy to fan lashes...
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Black Diamond Adhesive
SUPER hold Adhesive and super fast drying time. 5ML bottle 0.5-1 second drying time 70-78 degrees Fahreinheit for the best conditions 50-75% humidity  
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Glam Lash Bath Cleanser
Lash Cleanser infused with rose water smells amazing for cleaning client's lashes prior to their lash application or used for daily lash maintenance  rose gold cleansing brush included
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Jade Lash Tile
The Jade Lash Tile can be used as a palette for eyelash extension glue and eyelash extensions. Best to prevent accelerated drying during the lash application process. Jade Stone can be cleaned off with acetone after each use or soaked in acetone...
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